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Close Credit Management is a debt purchasing company or debt collecting company in the site of



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Close Credit Management

These debt collection agencies will attempt to destabilise your life and cause you lots of stress as they know they will profit from doing exactly this. They will try unsavoury methods. to do so. It is a vicious profit-driven industry run by people without conscience who are told to achieve sales goals at any cost and this is why dirty tricks will continue to be used. The law does not act here unless it is forced to. If you try to deal with Close Credit Management then you must make the first move by yourself if you are to solve this problem. Unless the laws we have are properly implemented a lot of people will continue to suffer.

You may question the validity of the amount owed by making a SAR (Subject Access Request) in response to Close Credit Management. The owner of the alleged debt (the bank or the debt collecting company) must give you a true copy of your original credit agreement with the bank if the agreement was made before 6th April 2007. When they do not do this they are in breach of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, and the debt is said to be in dispute. As long as the alleged debt is in dispute they are not allowed to ask you for any money (if they do they are in further breach of the law) and they cannot sell it on to another agency (which many are prone to do at this stage). For as long as the debt is in dispute it is said to be unenforceable, even by a court of law. There is a series of letters you can follow up with to reinforce this. If you wish you can get a lawyer to help you, owing to the difficulty of the law at times. There are also specialist legal firms offering their services in this area.

So ask Close Credit Management for a copy of the original contract when you took out your loan or credit card.





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